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Glass Enterprise + Lite license

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Digitalize and share your work thanks to Streye Lite for SmartGlasses. Create and manage multimedia records for storage and consultation, or broadcast your process to students and/or colleagues live on YouTube.

This pack contains


Streye Lite + Glass Enterprise for professionals and companies: create and access your own multimedia records of your work...

...or share your activities and/or learning material to students/trainees, other industry professionals or potential customers.

What’s included in this product:

  • 1x Glass Enterprise
  • 1 Streye Lite license
  • 1x Streye User Accounts
  • 1 Year Support and Streye Platform access
  • 2GB Streye File Storage

Apps for Glass Enterprise:

  • Photo/Video App
  • Cloud Storage System
  • Streye Live (Live streaming to Youtube)*
  • Read PDF Documents and files

* The streaming duration is limited by room temperature and/or weather conditions up to 90 min. Max.

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