Epson MOVERIO BT-350

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Epson MOVERIO BT-350 Smartglasses, created for industry and manufacture.

Featuring motion-tracking sensors, a high-res camera, and binocular display, it’s also designed for optimal performance with AR and 360º apps. Android™ platform, wireless and Bluetooth® Smart connectivity.


Made for industry, MOVERIO BT-350 is designed for easy management of multiple devices, via wireless and Bluetooth® Smart (BLE) connectivity. The Epson Moverio BT-350 smart glasses are especially suited for the development of AR applications, being built on Android™ platform.

Epson MOVERIO Smart Glasses are made to fit various sizes, i.e. to be worn over protective headgear/glasses, as well as by multiple users.

The device features motion-tracking sensors, extremely clear and transparent prisms, Si-OLED display, and a high-resolution camera for optimal use of 360º apps in work situations, as well as access to stereoscopic content, thanks to its binocular display.

Other features included in Epson MOVERIO BT-350:

· administration software

· optional USB dock

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