STREYE SMART DEVICES COMPANY SL hereby states its privacy policy in regards to personal data. The use of this website does not imply that users must provide any information whatsoever about their identity, in so far as said information can not be associated to a specific user by the company. In the event that personal details are provided, these details will be recorded and handled in accordance to the limitations and rights outlined in the aforementioned regulation.

Who is responsible for storing and handling your details?


Fiscal ID: B73635039


Telephone: +34 810101153


How will your personal details be used?

In STREYE SMART DEVICES COMPANY SL we maintain the information you provide in order to keep you updated about new services and products, accounting management as well as answering the requests sent by you using the contact methods available in our website.

What is the legal basis for handling these details?

The legal basis for keeping your data is the legitimate interest in maintaining the business relationship; we send commercial communications on the basis of the consent requested from you.

Who else will have access to this personal data?

Personal data will not be provided to any third parties, unless it is legally required. Your details, as well as the details of the workers of your company that provide service to STREYE SMART DEVICES COMPANY S.L., will be shared with those public administration entities with a direct connection to the organization, in the event it is necessary for the development, compliance and control of the existent relationship between both parties, or for complying with legal mandates imposed to the firm.

Said data might also be shared with other entities for fulfilling legal obligations and/or for adequately providing the service

For how long will we maintain these details?

If you grant your consent for us to send you business communications and updates, your data will be kept for as long as you do not request their erasure.

What are my rights when I provide personal data?

You have the right to obtain confirmation from STREYE SMART DEVICES COMPANY SL that the company keeps, or does not keep, personal data that concerns you. You also have the right to access your personal details, as well as to request modification of inexact details, or, in your case, request that these details are deleted when, among other reasons, said details are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were recorded.

In certain circumstances, you may request a limitation of the processing of your data, in which case we will only keep them for making and defending claims. For reasons relevant to your own personal situation, you may also exert your right to object to the treatment of your details.

STREYE SMART DEVICES COMPANY SL will no longer process or keep this data, except in the case of legitimate imperatives, or for making or defending any potential claims. Please be aware that you may make a complaint or claim to the authorities in charge at any time.

How have we obtained your details?

The personal data that we keep in STREYE SMART DEVICES COMPANY SL have been obtained directly from you or from the company that has entered the contract for hiring this service. The data categories being kept are: fiscal data, identity, transaction data, economic and contact details. No special personal data is being treated.