About Streye for Smartglasses

What is Streye for Smartglasses?

Streye is a platform of solutions, created specially to take advantage of the unique capabilities offered by smart glasses, in order to make workflows easier and faster in companies, healthcare providers, and learning centers, among other uses.

I already have my own Smartglasses, or I prefer not to purchase them. Can I buy only the software to use it on my Glasses, or on other devices?

Yes: you may select either our Lite or our Suite license to install in your smart glasses, or in your smartphone, tablet (visit Google Play or App Store to download our mobile apps on Android or iOS), or desktop/laptop.

What does the Suite license offer that the Lite does not?

Our Lite license enables the user to create, manage and access digital files; generally, it can be considered as more suitable to digitalize the work of one person, such as for example, a physician that wants to create multimedia patient records, or stream procedures on YouTube for educational purposes.

The Suite license, besides these features, offers several others geared towards enabling remote collaboration of larger work teams, such as providing remote assistance, private videocall for e-meetings by invitation only, or creating and managing checklists / standard operating protocols.

I only want the device, not the software. Can I purchase the headset only?

In the case of Glass Enterprise, we only sell the integral solution, that is, hardware + software; the only exceptions are the Partner Developer Packs. To order other devices (Vuzix, RealWear and Moverio), please get in touch with us.

Can I request a device on loan to test if it will be right for me?

We do not provide devices on loan. However, we will be glad to arrange a videoconference, and do a live demo of the uses and possibilities of Streye for Smartglasses: get in touch to book your appointment. In addition, those of our customers in the area can schedule a visit to our offices in the Murcia Scientific Park, in southeastern Spain, in order to test the product in person.

Likewise, to learn more about how these solutions work, please take a look at our demonstration videos and use examples in our YouTube channel: youtube.com/channel/UCkYkY2FkyYgkHIruEK7-Z6Q/videos

How long is the warranty period of my purchase?

We offer a warranty of one year for the device + a year of updates and technical support via email ticket, chat or by telephone.

The smart glasses

The smart glasses you show in your e-catalog are original Glass Enterprise?

Yes. We are Official Google Partners for distributing Glass Enterprise in Europe and Asia. We also are Epson Moverio Official Partners, Vuzix VIP Industrial Partners, and RealWear Official Partners.

Therefore, we guarantee that all the brand items for sale in our e-shop are 100% original products.

What type of smart glass device is better? How are they different?

We offer several brands of smart glasses, depending on the specific use cases and technical requirements: from our best seller Glass Enterprise, suitable for a variety of uses in offices, warehouses, and hospitals, to the RealWear glasses, designed to withstand rough handling, extreme temperatures, dust and humidity in environments such as construction and heavy industry.

To learn more about the features of each item, please consult our e-catalog, or get in touch with us to discuss which type of smart glasses would be better suited to your purposes.

Development and customization

I want to develop apps for use in my Glasses. Is that possible?

Yes. If you’d like to receive more details about how to create apps for smart glasses with Streye, we invite you to join our space for developers.

We don’t have staff with programming knowledge in our firm, and we need certain customized solutions for our company. Can you do that?

Yes, we can. We are experts in software development.

Although our platform is intended to provide immediate, easy to implement solutions for most companies, with no need for technical knowledge, we can of course develop customized tools and applications for your particular case. Please get in touch us for more info.

Buy Streye for Smartglasses

How do I place an order in the Streye e-shop?

Simply select the item/s desired, and when ready to place the order, click on “Go to Checkout” in your shopping cart. Enter your details in our secure encrypted platform, and select payment method. You may place your order as a guest, or create your own customer account.

Your personal data will under no circumstances be ceded or shared with third parties, except as needed for handling the delivery of your purchase. You may exert your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection on your personal data at any time. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy, as well as our Terms & Conditions page.

How can I pay for my purchase?

You may use our secure payment gateway to pay with your card, or choose payment via bank transfer.

Note to our customers in the European Union and EFTA: if you’re placing your order from a EU-EFTA member country outside Spain, please remember to add your company VATIN in the order form, in order to subtract this amount from the order.

I’m having trouble trying to pay by credit card, and cannot complete the order.

If you encounter issues while trying to use our payment gateway to pay with your card, please make sure your card details (address, postcode, etc.) are the same as those in the billing address provided; also, confirm with your bank that you do not have a certain limit set for online purchases (that is, transactions cannot go over a certain amount for security reasons).

In addition, you may want to verify that your card has a safe shopping certificate enabled, so that the gateway will allow the payment. If you’re unsure about these details, please consult your banking institution.


Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide!*  If by any chance you can’t find your country in the list, please send us a message.

*However, note that Vuzix M300 device cannot be shipped to China or certain other countries. Please contact for more info.

From where will my purchase ship? How long will it take?

Orders will be shipped from our technical office in Spain, and delivery may take from 15 to 30 days, depending on the destination, and the customs procedures established by the country’s authorities.

Please remember that for shipments to countries outside the European Union, any ensuing tariffs and duties are always the responsibility of the buyer; we recommend visiting the European Customs Portal for more information: tariffnumber.com/2019/85176990

For Spain and/or Europe only: we do offer the possibility to pick up orders directly from our offices. Please contact us for more information.

How will I receive my order? Can I choose a different shipping company for my delivery?

We send orders with UPS. If you’d prefer we use another delivery option, please get in touch.

Will I be able to track my purchase during shipping?

Yes. Upon shipping, you’ll receive a notice including your order’s tracking number for delivery, so that you can trace your shipment on its way.

I have not received my user credentials, and can't log in.

As soon as a customer orders an item, s/he receives an automated message with their login details. If you do not find this message in your tray upon placing your order, please check your Spam tray, and add us to your whitelist.

On the other hand, if you did not place the order yourself, but instead this was done by a company colleague or someone responsible for procurement, the login details and other communications will be sent to the person who registered for placing the order.

In this case, please get in touch to change the user’s contact and access details. Note that we may not change a customer's login details without the express permission of the person who placed the order.


I want to return my purchase. How to go about it?

Once you sign the receipt of delivery for your order, you will have 72 hours to inspect thoroughly your purchase and make sure everything is correct; after this period, it is understood that everything is as it should be, and claims will not be admitted. If the order received has suffered damage during transport, contact us within the first 24 hours and notify the delivery company as well.

Please get in touch with us before initiating the return process, and note the reasons for returning the item. Once you do, you have a maximum of 14 calendar days to return your purchase. Note that items such as software use and customized items cannot be returned or refunded.

The goods must be in good condition and in their original packaging. Once the return shipment arrives to our address, we will proceed to issue a refund, or send you a replacement, whichever you prefer. Please consult the full details in our Terms & Conditions page.


Please note: from the moment you complete your order in our website, login details and other communications re: platform updates and other information will be sent to the person who registered for making the purchase.

If you have ordered a smart glass for someone else to use, please get in touch with help @ streye . com to change the user’s contact and access details. Keep in mind that we may not change a customer's sign-in details without the express permission of the original buyer registered in our files.

Failure to carry out these instructions will result on the final user not being able to access the device's functions. ​In this case, Streye declines any responsibility for any ensuing consequences​, as well as for any consequences resulting from the purchase of second-hand devices, or for items resold by anyone not connected to or authorized by Streye.

I have more questions, and would like to discuss things in further detail, or talk with a company representative.

You may:

  • Email us your questions or comments via our contact form, or at: info at streye dot com.
  • Chat with us, or leave a message; a live rep will answer as soon as possible.
  • Call +34 810 101 153. Office hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 to 16:30 UTC +1 (Central European Time).
  • Send a message to arrange a videoconference on Skype Business or Google Hangouts.

And of course, don’t forget to stop by our social media profiles, and stay up to date about our activities! We are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.