Terms & Conditions


The present General Terms of the Contract, hereinafter GTC, determine the conditions of purchase of the different products offered for sale in our website: store.streye.com, owned by Streye Smart Devices Company S.L, a company of Spanish nationality, whose registered address is Parque Científico de Murcia. Complejo de Espinardo, Ctra. de Madrid, Km 388, postal code 30009, Murcia (España), and with company VAT number B73635039.

Users which carry out purchases in www.store.streye.com fully accept the present GTC and are to be bound by them, just as if they were laid out at the moment of purchase/contract.

Reading and accepting these GTC will be an indispensable requirement preceding the purchase of any product through www.shop.streye.com

Streye Smart Devices Company S.L reserves the right of modifying these GTC at any moment and without previous notice. The GTC will always be accessible on the website, for the user’s perusal and/or printing at any moment.

The prices and conditions of sale are merely of an informative nature, and may be modified in accordance to market fluctuations. Nevertheless, the completion of an order by filling out the purchase form signifies agreement with the price offered, and with the general conditions of sale at that specific moment.

Once the order is formalized, it will be understood that a full-fledged purchase is completed, with all the legal guarantees that protect the purchasing consumer and, from that moment, the prices and conditions are to be of a contractual nature, and may not be modified without the express agreement of both parties of the contract. Spanish and English will be the languages used in formalizing the contract. The electronic document in which the contract is formalized will be archived, and the user will have access to it in their designated user’s space.


Shipments will be sent within 15 - 30 days after receiving the order. The time of delivery since the user receives the message “Order sent” is within 48-72 hours. We cannot guarantee these deadlines for delivery, however we do endeavor for shipping companies to comply with them whenever possible. In rural locations distant from urban areas it is not possible in any case to guarantee delivery in 24 hours.

Delivery times are dependent on the availability of each product, which will be noted in each and every product offered for sale. For orders that comprise various items, a single shipment will be sent, and the time of delivery will correspond to that of the item whose delivery period is longest.

The customer will have 72 hours to examine the soundness of every component of the order, and to verify that everything is as it should be in the products included. After this period of 72 hours, the order will be understood to be accepted, and complaints/claims of faulty items will not be admitted.

An order will be considered to be delivered when a receipt of delivery is signed by the customer. In the next 24 hours the customer must examine the products upon reception, and note any objections that may arise.

In case of receiving a product that is damaged by shipment, it is recommended to contact us within the first 24 hours, in order to send the appropriate complaint to the courier firm. Likewise, it is recommended to send notice to the courier company: www.ups.com

Returns and withdrawals

In accordance to the current laws, the customer may proceed to return the product(s), for any reason, within a period of 14 calendar days from the moment the customer receives the goods. To do this, the conditions set out in this page of Terms and Conditions must be met.

The user may do this by filling out the document of withdrawal via access with their username and password. The consumer and user will only be responsible for any diminished value of the goods that ensues from handling these in a way that is different from the one necessary to ascertain its nature, its features or its performance.


Returns of products as follows will not be admitted, in accordance with the se aceptarán devoluciones de los siguientes productos, tal y como establece el Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, approving the restated text of the General Act for the Defense of the Consumers and Users and other complementary laws:

1. Services rendered, once the service has been fully provided, when the performance of the service has begun, with previous express consent from the consumer and user, and with the user’s acknowledgement and cognizance of the fact that once the contract is completely fulfilled by the business owner, the user will have lost their right of withdrawal.

2. Supply of goods or rendering of services whose price depends of financial market fluctuations outside the control of the business owner, and which may take place during the period of withdrawal.

3. The supply of goods tailored in accordance to specifications provided by the consumer and user, or which are clearly customized, such as computers designed on-demand.

4. Supply of goods that may quickly become deteriorated or expired.

5. Goods supplied in sealed packaging which are unfit for return for reasons of hygiene or health safety, and whose seal packaging has been opened after delivery.

6. Supply of goods which, after being delivered and given their nature, have become inseparably mixed with other goods.

7. Supply of sealed sound or video recordings or computer programs whose packaging seal has been opened by the consumer and user upon delivery.

8. Supply of digital content that is not provided on a material medium, when its fulfillment has begun with the previous express consent of the consumer and user, and with said user’s acknowledgment and cognizance of the fact that consequently, s/he loses her/his right of withdrawal.

All goods must be returned in its original packaging and condition, well protected and in fit and proper state, avoiding the use of stickers, seals or adhesive tapes directly on the surface or packaging of the item. otherwise Streye Smart Devices Company S.L reserves the right of rejecting the return.

Once the return form has been filled out and sent, the user will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions for sending the item to our facilities. The user must send the goods without delay, in a maximum 30-days period from the moment the user communicates their intention to exert this right.

Shipping costs that arise from return are to be the responsibility of the user. The user may select the service provider that suits their needs or offers the most competitive rates.

Refund of the purchase will be processed once the goods have been received, and we have verified that they are in perfect condition. We will refund the payment received, including shipping and handling costs, with the exception of costs resulting from the user selecting a method of delivery different from the less expensive method of ordinary delivery that we offer. We will refund the purchase within a maximum period of 30 calendar days from the moment the user exerts their right of withdrawal. We may refrain from issuing the refund until we have received the goods.

Return of products with gift or promotion. It will be necessary to return the complete item (full package or item + gift) in order to issue the full refund. In case of products that include download codes, it will be required of the user not to have performed the download, in order to issue the full refund. In the case that the user has downloaded the material, the amount corresponding to the software will be discounted from the full amount to be refunded.


In general terms, the term of warranty is 2 years from the moment of purchase. For this it is imperative to have the purchase invoice, with allows the user to ascertain that the product was purchased in an authorized commercial establishment, and the date in which it was purchased.

Order cancellations

Those order cancellations that require issuing a refund to the customer and made via bank transfer, will have a maximum period of 30 days due to administrative procedures.

Dispute resolution

The parties, renouncing any jurisdiction that might correspond them, agree to submit any dispute arising from the interpretation or fulfillment of the General Conditions and the contracts entered, to the jurisdiction of the courts of law and tribunals of Murcia. Nevertheless, if any of the parts is a consumer, the jurisdiction is to be the one established in the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users for such consumers and users.



-Resolution of consumer disputes online according to the Rule. 14.1 of the Rules of Procedure (EU) 524/2013: The European Comission facilitates an online platform of dispute resolution, available via the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/