• Shipments will be sent within 15 - 30 days after receiving the order. The time of delivery since the user receives the message “Order sent” is within 48-72 hours within Europe, and about a week for world shipments. We cannot guarantee these deadlines for delivery, however we do endeavor for shipping companies to comply with them whenever possible. In rural locations distant from urban areas it is not possible in any case to guarantee delivery in 24 hours.

  • Delivery times are dependent on the availability of each product, which will be noted in each and every product offered for sale. For orders that comprise various items, a single shipment will be sent, and the time of delivery will correspond to that of the item whose delivery period is longest.

  • Please remember that for shipments outside the European Union, any ensuing tariffs and/or duties will be the responsibility of the buyer / importer. For details on the customs tariff codes of these items and harmonized codes for international shipping, we recommend visiting the European Customs Portal:
  • The customer will have 72 hours to examine the soundness of every component of the order, and to verify that everything is as it should be in the products included. After this period of 72 hours, the order will be understood to be accepted, and complaints/claims of faulty items will not be admitted.

  • An order will be considered to be delivered when a receipt of delivery is signed by the customer. In the next 24 hours the customer must examine the products upon reception, and note any objections that may arise.

  • In case of receiving a product that is damaged by shipment, it is recommended to contact us within the first 24 hours, in order to send the appropriate complaint to the courier firm. Likewise, it is recommended to send notice to the courier company.