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Welcome to Streye!

Here we offer solutions designed for smart glass devices, and mobile & wearable technology: we specialize in smartglass apps for use in manufacturing and logistics, healthcare, education and training, among other sectors.

The Streye solutions for smartglasses are designed to aid and and improve your company’s processes, by enabling users to:

  • provide immediate, tailored service to customers, or live assistance to company workers

  • view and respond to alerts and notifications in real time

  • follow or set protocols or checklists for different situations

  • access resources right above your line of vision, for easy consultation and sharing with teammates

The Streye platform is available for use on a variety of smart glasses, depending on your company needs: from our best-seller Google Glass Enterprise, suitable for various environments such as physician’s offices & operating rooms, classrooms, warehouses, and corporate offices, to the Realwear smartglasses, designed to withstand the demands of work in construction sites and heavy industry. We are official smart glasses distributors of Google Glass Enterprise, Vuzix, Epson Moverio and Realwear.

Streye for Smartglasses: how it works for companies, healthcare providers, and instructors

The Streye platform for smart and wearable devices was created for boosting productivity, and making teamwork more interactive. To this end, the Streye for Smartglasses solutions offer users various “hands-free” tools and options, intended to support a number of manual tasks.

Chief among these is a streaming application to enable live team collaboration, interconsultation, and/or personalized customer care; or alternatively, to provide remote assistance and/or training to company workers / learners, via private webinars by invitation, or by uploading tutorials on YouTube.

Likewise, this platform allows the user to create, store, and share AV resources via smart glasses: videos/photos of procedures and tasks, or viewing reports, spec sheets, or any other consultation material on PDF intended for company personnel, or alternatively, for advertising and company image purposes, such as content marketing on social media.

The Streye suite for smartglasses also features an application for increased accuracy and security in production processes, thanks to an instant alert system, and an application for following protocols, checklists and decision trees for procedures.

Questions? Comments? Streye is here to help!

The Streye customer service & support team will be glad to answer your queries and observations, re: our smart glass solutions, technical details about our products, or any other enquiries: please send us a message via chat, email or phone… or stop by and say hello on social media!